Can we load or put TCCA Chlorine or Cal Hypo Chlorine together?

Can we load or put TCCA Chlorine or Cal Hypo Chlorine together?

Never, ever mix chlorine products! None of these products mentioned above can be mixed together, and never mix other pool chemicals with chlorine. Explosions and Fire is the sure and immediate result. Always keep chlorine compounds out of the reach of children, stored in a cool, dry location – and keep them separate, so that there’s no chance of accidental mixing of chlorine products.
When opening a bucket of tablets or a bag of Chlorine (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, Calcium Hypochlorite), always hold your breath. Moisture in buckets can create a strong gas, which is why it’s always best to store tablets in a dry and cool location, not outside in the elements.
When closing a bucket of Chlorine tablets, always secure the lid tightly to prevent a child from opening the lid, taking a big whiff, and falling face first into the bucket.

When using a bag of chlorine, always use the entire bag – don’t store half-used bags of pool chlorine. This would risk contamination or mixing with other chemicals.

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