The Difference Between Stabilized Chlorine and Unstablized Chlorine

The Difference Between Stabilized Chlorine and Unstablized Chlorine

What is Unstabilized Chlorine?

As we all know that Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric acid) stabilizes chlorine, making our available chlorine last longer in the pool. Without it, chlorine is quickly burned off by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. normally they are Calcium Hypochlorite, Liquid Bleach.

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Unstabilized chlorine is simply chlorine that has no cyanuric acid inside. This means it dissipates more quickly, you won’t get as much sanitizing power as we expected, and we will have to add more chlorine more often than usual.

So if it’s vulnerable to the sun, why would you use unstabilized chlorine?

It works best with indoor pools where you don’t need to worry about the sun.

It can be used as pool shock.

It’s ideal for quick doses if your pool is getting heavier than normal use.

Just remember that, because there’s no stabilizer, it won’t remain in your pool for very long. Keep an eye on the chlorine to make sure it stays at 3 parts per million (ppm), and add chlorine as necessary to maintain that level.

What is Stabilized Chlorine?

If unstabilized chlorine doesn’t have cyanuric acid inside, it means Stabilized chlorine does. Normally they are Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA, Trichlor, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC, Dichlor, NaDCC).

The Chlorine Stabiliser (Cyanuric acid) helps the chlorine remain in the pool longer, which makes it more effective. You also won’t have to add as much chlorine as often as you would with unstabilized chlorine (Calcium Hypochlorite, Liquid Bleach).

What are stabilized Chlorine?

It can reduce the amount of chlorine you use in your pool.

It can help you save money on chlorine.

It makes caring for your water easier and less time-consuming.

But stabilized chlorine has its downside too. If cyanuric acid levels get too high, chlorine’s effectiveness will be diminished. You’ll have to dilute your pool water to remedy the situation.

Should You Use Stabilized or Unstabilized Chlorine?

There’s no right or wrong answer. It all depends on you and your pool conditions.

If you have an indoor pool, or find yourself enough time to treat your pool often, go with unstabilized chlorine. As it is normally cheaper than Stablized Chlorine.

But if you have an outdoor pool, and you want to make water maintenance easier on yourself while spending less money, stabilized chlorine tablets are better choirces for you.

Can I use unstablized Chlorine at a lower cost while still keep it longer period?

Definitely, if you use unstabilized chlorine, you can always add cyanuric acid yourself. Just be sure to keep the level at or below 100 ppm.

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