AquaClear Response to COVID-19

AquaClear Response to COVID-19

During this year of pandemic, it is really difficult for people around the globe. At AquaClear, we want our clients and staffs to be continued supported. We thank you for those who trust us during this difficult period, and for sure, we will continued to present efficient, innovative products to the market and communities to allow our clients and users of safe, healthy and virus-free home and environment.

At AquaClear, we have done what we can as a major producer and exporter of disinfectant products here in China. In early March, even though we are first hit by COVID-19 here in Wuhan, we have donated several tons of Calcium Hypochlorite to two major mobile cabin hospital-Wuhan HuoShenShan Hospital and Wuhan LeiShenShan Hospital, with the help of AquaClear products, we are able to maintain a clean and healthy place for patients and doctors.

In April and May, we noticed that the pandemc was ourbursted worldwide, here in Wuhan, the city reopened on 8th April and our office reopened, the first thing we did was to source and collect face mask and disposable gloves, we have distributed all those medical staffs to Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, Maldives, UAE, Senegal, Tunisia to help our clients and their communities to fight againest the epidemic.

Since the disinfectant products are of high demand worldwide, our orders has trippled in the first half of the year, for all orders this year, we have offered special discount, we knew our products (Calcium Hypochlorite, Trichlor, Dichlor,Bromine) are key disinfectant products to disinfect and sterilize the environment. Though our shippments started in April after office reopened, every week we have a lot of goods to be shipped, we tried every means to make it happen as fast as possible, it is not about business, it is about to save more lives.

Though the situation is still not good even at this moment, but we are confident COVID-19 will be conquered and defeated, here in China we have effetive vaccines out in the market, and we have the good news those vaccines has already distributed to Brazil, Egypt, UAE and a lot of other countries to emergency use.   We are sure and confident that COVID-19 will be eliminated soon. But before that, we do wish all of our friends to keep social distance and wear a mask in public, wash your hands often.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

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