How to make Chlorine last longer by using Chlorine Stabiliser Cyanuric Acid?

How to make chlorine last longer by using Chlorine Stabiliser Cyanuric Acid?

Add Cyanuric Acid if your chlorine product isn’t stabilized.

Cyanuric Acid is a stabilizer that makes chlorine last longer. If your chlorine is labeled “stabilized,” “Trichloroisocyanuric Acid” "Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate“trichlor,” or “dichlor,” it already contains Cyanuric Acid, and there’s no need to take any further action. If not,like “Calcium Hypochlorite” “Bleach” “Sodium Hypochlorite” “Cal Chlor” then you need to purchase powder form or granulated Cyanuric Acid, dilute it according to the package’s instructions, then add it to the pool.

The right amount to add varies by product. In general, you’ll need to add about 1.8 kg of Cyanuric Acid per 38,000 L of water to reach a level of 10 ppm. It’s recommended to maintain a Cyanuric Acid level around 50 ppm.

Remember to wear goggles and gloves when you mix and apply pool chemicals.

Do not add Cyanuric Acid to a spa or hot tub.

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