Instructions for Shippment of Calcium Hypochlorite

Instructions for Shippment of Calcium Hypochlorite

As we all know that Calcium Hypochlorite (Pool Shock, Cal Hypo) is hazards chemical, IMDG 5.1 degree, it is not easy to ship the goods since most shipping lines do not accept the cargo, furthermore, the shipping will also check the quality and packing of the goods from supplier, only few supplier like Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd. are qualified supplier for the item.

1. If the packaging is filled with calcium hypochlorite, its content should be less than 95% of the packaging volume.

2. When filling calcium hypochlorite in a combination package, the plastic inner packaging should be secured and securely padded to limit its movement in the outer packaging, and its closed port should not be upside down. The outer packaging should be marked with a clear identification indicating the direction of the job as required by GB191.

3. The combination package should be intact and the seal should be flat and firm. Pack the case with tight straps.

4. No hazardous residues should be adhered to the outside of each package.

5. Packaging containing calcium hypochlorite should be stored in a cool, airy and dry warehouse, away from sunlight, away from fire and heat sources, and prohibited with acids, organic matter or reducers and other goods with a dangerous reaction to calcium hypochlorite.

6. Calcium hypochlorite products shall be accompanied by safety technical instructions and quality certificates.

7. Calcium hypochlorite should be clearly and firmly marked on the outer packaging, including: factory name, address, product name (label: sodium or calcium method), plus in accordance with GB 190 "oxidant" and "corrosion" signs and safety labels. The outer packaging should also have GB / T 191 in the "fear of rain" signs.

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