What are the hazardous properties of Calcium Hypochlorite?

What are the hazardous properties of Calcium Hypochlorite?

Calcium Hypochloritelorite is an oxidizing agent and is designated a Class 5.1 oxidiser in the IMDG Code. Calcium Hypochlorite and some mixtures thereof also meet the criteria for Class 8 corrosives (see IMDG Code Special Provi￾sion 313 and Amendment 35 of the IMDG Code mentioned in FAQ1).

IMDG Code Special Provision 314 applies to Calcium Hypochlorite and it states: These substances are liable to exothermic decomposition at elevated temperatures. Decomposition can be initiated by heat or by impurities (e.g.
powdered metals {iron, manganese, cobalt, magnesium} and their compounds). When involved in a fire the Calcium Hypochlorite decomposes without burning to release oxygen which Calcium Hypochlorite will intensify the
fire. Also, if Calcium Hypochlorite is mixed with organic materials, such as sawdust or oil, it can result in a fire without the need for an external ignition source.

One other important characteristic is that it is unstable and self reactive. At normally encountered temperatures Calcium Hypochlorite decomposes only very slowly and releases heat. However, at higher temperatures the

rate of decomposition increases and if the heat is not able to escape from within the material then its temperature increases and the rate of decomposition increases, and so on. As such, the reaction can runaway and result in a violent decomposition of the Calcium Hypochloritelorite.


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