Why Calcium Hypochlorite better than Sodium Hypochlorite and Bleaching Powder?

Why Calcium Hypochlorite better than Sodium Hypochlorite and Bleaching Powder?

In the summer, the heatwave was rolling all over the country, and it was time for a year to "live by the pool". The major swimming pools are often crowded and as spectacular as dumplings in water. In this case, the disinfection of the swimming Pool, sterilization work is particularly important. So, what disinfectant is better in swimming pool water treatment?

We know that traditional pool disinfectants are sodium hypochlorite solution or bleaching powder, they are characterized by easy to use, fast operation, a greater degree of shortening of pool processing time, increase business hours. However, sodium hypochlorite and bleach have some common disadvantages, that is, the effective chlorine content is low (usually 8%-25%), the effective chlorine loss is fast, the swimming pool after treatment has an odor, resulting in a bad experience for swimmers.

So, the choice of calcium hypochlorite, especially the sodium method of calcium hypochlorite, is a better choice. Of course, the effective chlorine content of sodium calcium hypochlorite products is high, usually, 65%-70%, better stability, particles or tablets of products than sodium hypochlorite solution is easier to preserve and transport, and calcium hypochlorite effective chlorine loss is very slow, usually stored for one year of effective chlorine loss of 5%-10%, while the traditional sodium hypochlorite, normally three months after the effective chlorine content is minimal, bleach is only about 10%. Third, calcium hypochlorite from Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd.'s solubility is good, no residues, there is no secondary pollution of the water body, sterilization and disinfection once in place, to avoid your secondary treatment confusion.

In summary, for swimming pool disinfection, sterilization, the choice of high-quality sodium method of calcium hypochlorite is your affordable, best choice.


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