Will the the Pool Spa Chemical supply affected by 2022 Winter Olympics in China?

Will the the Pool Spa Chemical supply affected by 2022 Winter Olympics in China?

A lof of customers come to ask us at AQUACLEAR, will the Pool Spa Chemical supply affected by 2022 Winter Olympics in China?   The answer is definitely "YES".

When Beijing hosted the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China was determined to welcome visitors and all those athletes from around the world with blue skies and fresh air. The central government has already ordered to shut down or cut production at almost all the factories in and around the capital. Those provices and cities include Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi. All heavy industry or high polluted production bases will be stopped production from 1st Jan to 8th Mar 2022. As we all know that major Pool Spa Chemicals like Calcium Hypochlorite, Trichlorisocyanuric Acid, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, Algaecide, Flocculent has big output from those provinces, once those plants were closed, the supply of Pool Spa Chemicals from China will be extremely tight. But for most customers, Jan to Mar are the most important months as they all need to forecast and prepare the stock of Pool Spa Chemicals for the whole year.

What's the suggestion from AQUACLEAR?

The supply of Calcium Hypochlorite, Trichlorisocyanuric Acid, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate are comparatively stable here in China, even though the prices are at historic hign end, from AQUACLEAR prospetive and experience in market, the Pool Spa Chemical prices will keep rising till at least May of 2022, once the supply stopped, the prices will meet another hiking period soon in market, to buy it earlier is a good decision for 2022 supply and commitment to customers.

About AquaClear:

Wuhan AquaClear Technology Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer and exporter of of Swimming Pool & Spa Chemicals (TCCA 90% (Trichloroisocyanuric acid) /Chlorine Tablets /Trichloro /Chlorine 90%, SDIC 56% and 60% (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) /NaDCC /Stabilised Chlorine, Calcium Hypochlorite 65% and 70% sodium process /Granular Chlorine /Pool Shock /HTH, Bromine (BCDMH) Tablets, Ph+, Ph-, Flocculent, Algaecide) here in China, our annual output is 75,000 MT, ranking NO.1 in China. AquaClear products has been sold to 90 countries(Thailand/Malaysia/Philipines/Singapore/Indonesia/Cambodia/Vietnam/Korea/Saudi Arabia/UAE/Turkey/Iraq/Madagascar/India/Bangladesh/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Togo/Senegal/Cote D'Ivoire/Nigeria/Tunisia/Morocco/Isreal/Palestine/Malta/Australia/Canada/Guatemala/Belize/Honduras/Venezuela/Ecuador/Argentina/Chile/Bolivia/Haiti/Dominican Republic/Russia/Guiena Republic/Tunisia/Egypt/Angola/Panama/Trinidad and Tobago/St Lucia/Costa Rica/Paraguay/Brasil ect.) and regions worldwide with good fame and reputation. Based on values of Honesty and Commitments, we are proud to serve our clients over 14 years. We always believe that your success will be our business.


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